Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breakfast - Car Camping - Rice Cakes with Sunflower Butter

Gluten-Free Rice Cakes with Sunflower Butter

Here is another easy one! We have it listed as a car camping recipe, but some variation may be possible for short backpacking trips. This can be summed up in a photo, but let's look at it anyway just to be consistent ;)

Rice Cakes
Sunflower Seed Butter

I often eat this for breakfast at home, but it would be super easy to make at the campsite. This would be easy to take on a hike and eat for a snack. It could even substitute for a lunch on a rainy day when you don't want to stand outside cooking.

Variations? Change the fruit or the kind of butter.
My friend suggests almond butter. Thanks Corinne!


  1. Have you tried gluten free s'mores yet? They're my favorite camping treat and I use Jules Gluten Free graham cracker mix to make great graham crackers before my camping trip. (I order online at Oh how I missed s'mores!

  2. That most rich (!)

    I cook for my grandchildren.
    thank you very much